Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Will the World End? Now Is the Point of Power, Christine Breese

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Christine speaks often of being still in the mind and being
in the moment. This is only the beginning of enlightenment. After that, the
experience of knowing the self that you are is ever deepening and the journey
never truly ends.

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Christine Breese says: Will the world end? Who knows? Will there be divine intervention? We don't know. Maybe YOU are the divine intervention. Now is the point of power in choosing the world you want to live in. Many spiritual teachers like Mooji, Adyashanti, Osho, Louise Hay, Hay House, Papaji and Eckhart Tolle talk about being in the now and making your reality what you want.

So don't worry about the end of the world or the end times. Now is the point of power in which to change the reality you experience.